Goodstart is an inclusive organisation – we welcome all children, families and educators and we embrace and celebrate culture and diversity.

Each and every day, our centres and teams of educators work in partnership with thousands of families across Australia to deliver high quality, inclusive and community connected early learning programs to benefit all children and their learning, development and wellbeing.

Our work is driven by our Vision for Australia’s children to have the best possible start in life and our Purpose to ensure children have the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for school and life.

Importantly, we exist to support all children. What lies at our heart of our purpose is to ensure those most vulnerable have the same education and life opportunities irrespective of their family circumstance.

Creating a sense of belonging

Inclusion is about belonging and we know that all children benefit from feeling a sense of belonging. When a child has a sense of belonging, experiencing warm and responsive relationships, they thrive because they feel safe, nurtured and valued.

We see every child as a unique individual with different needs and aspirations – and we understand that support that helps one child may not work for another. Goodstart aims to support all children and families in every centre and every community to belong. With careful attention and planning between our families, our educators and other professionals, children are well supported, included and encouraged to participate in our early learning and care programs.

By supporting our centres to build meaningful relationships with children and families, Goodstart is contributing to a positive legacy and better life outcomes for children across Australia.

Helping children get the best start to life

Our goal is to provide each and every child with the support they require to achieve the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life.

This sees our dedicated and passionate educators embrace opportunities every day to improve learning outcomes for 70,500 children, all with varying developmental capabilities.

To positively impact each child’s learning, development and wellbeing, our educators seek to be a family’s trusted partner – helping to link families and children to local services and community support agencies.

While attending a Goodstart centre, families can rely on our unwavering focus to equip children with essential life skills such as confidence, language, communication and self-regulation skills.

We provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that sets children up for life. We don’t overlook the importance of home learning environments either. We support families by helping to extend their child’s learning at home to help maximise each child’s potential.


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